Event Disciplines

Mountain Biking

Be prepared for single track, steep hills, gravel and sealed roads.


Travelling by foot through rugged and diverse terrain. The Irish mountains can be wet, wild, steep and boggy.


Could include abseiling, traversing, ascending etc.


Teams will be required to cross rivers, lakes or coastal sections. All participants must partake. PFD’s will be available if you feel you need one, and will be mandatory on some sections.


Kayaking may be on inland rivers and lakes and/or on the sea. Generally kayaking will be permitted during both day and night. Some of the rivers may have weirs. Teams will be advised in advance about any obstacles. Kayaks will be provided by race organisers.


Navigation is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using maps provided.


There may be traditional orienteering sections included to further test teams navigation skills.


As always you should expect some surprises, and special tasks.