Adventure Racing European Series

After initally joining the Adventure Racing European Series in 2014 and sucesfully hosting the finals in 2015. This year will see Ireland's premier adventure race, The Beast, return to join the top adventure races in europe as part of the Adventure Racing European Series 2018


ARES The ARES started in 2012, in an attempt to create a European series of elite adventure races culminating in a European Championship each year to name Europe's top teams. This year the Beast proudly retakes its place as pRT of the 2018 ARES. Visit the ARES website to find out more, or sign up for the Beast today to book your spot in one of Euorpe's top races and battle it out against the finest of Ireland and Europe!

Every team competing in A race included in ARES will get ranking dependent points. The winner of ARES is the team with highest total sum of points. This winning team has free entry to AREC (European Championships) next year.

Every year one of the participating races is announced as the AR European Championships, We hope to plan a course that will challenge the best in Europe.